No Laughing Matter: A Unique Fundraising Event at Caroline's on Broadway October 16, 2018

On Tuesday October 16th, 2018 at 7 pm the doors will open at Caroline's on Broadway for a unique fundraising event that will host a variety of famous entertainers while also inviting children to the stage who have been impacted by a pediatric brain tumor diagnosis.

All proceeds with come to the Children's Brain Tumor Family Foundation to help raise critical funds in support of research at the Weill Cornell Children's Brain Tumor Project to address the unmet needs of children with rare and often fatal pediatric brain tumors.

You can purchase your tickets here or learn more about sponsorship opportunities here.

There will be two honorees during the evening.

The first is the "Comedy Kids" a comedic duo consisting of two fourth grade boys, Max Chwatko and Alex Travin,from Chappaqua, New York who began telling jokes and collecting donations to help raise funds for pediatric brain tumor research in support of Max's little sister Scarlett who was diagnosed with a brain tumor early in 2016. They have raised tens of thousands of dollars, thrown the first pitch out at Yankees stadium and appeared on Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live and most importantly, raised valuable funding and been a source of inspiration and comfort to many! See their story here.

Comedy Kids, Chappaqua Honored at No Laughing Matter

The second honoree of the night will be John"Gungie" Rivera who is the founder of the Cristian Rivera organization. John's son hristian was diagnosed on January 21st, 2007 with a DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma) a rare and inoperable brain tumor. Children who are diagnosed with a DIPG on average live for 3 to 18 months past diagnosis.There are no known survivors, however, thanks to collaborative research being led by Dr. Mark Souweidane at the Children's Brain Tumor Project and others we are closer to a cure than ever before! It is thanks to the tremendous and very passionate efforts of people like John Rivera that the funding is made available to the Children's Brain Tumor Project to pursue this ground breaking research.

John "Gungie" Rivera of the Chirstian Rivera Foundation

If you don't live in New York or can't get to the show,there is a wonderful opportunity for you to be a "Knee Slapper" sponsor and send a small family of four or a "Good Humor" sponsor can send a parent and a child for the evening. The Children's Brain Tumor Project will be happy to find a local patient family who would love to attend thanks to your generosity. Once again, here is the link to the sponsorship opportunities.

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